by Strange Ideas

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All songs were tracked and mixed at Tones on Tail Studios in Oakland, CA. "Life is a Drag" was mastered by Mark Kramer (Daniel Johnston, Galaxie 500, Half Japanese, etc.) Matthew Hable on vocals/guitar, Eliot Curtis on bass, Fred Jennings on drums.

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released July 14, 2014



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Strange Ideas Monterey, California

"… lo-fi, California-style, indie pop rock deliciousness…" - Oaktown Indie Mayhem

"... primitive lo-fi glazed in folk dissonance that would make Kurt Vile proud... reinvented blues-meets-psych-folk." - Monterey County Weekly


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Track Name: Empty
Walking down the sad city lane / in the frigid pouring rain / all alone I have no one to call / on my own but walking tall / no control I have nothing to lose / I can choose to die / no I refuse / I will survive another day / I'm never looking back at that alley way / because it's empty / empty / empty / empty / Passing by the dim boulevard / shoot the moon that floats afar / I'm at the bar drunk by myself / and nobody knows that I need help / but look abroad the sun is coming up / stars are fading / my mind is stuck / where I'm at is where I need to be / never in my life have I felt so free / and empty / empty / empty / empty
Track Name: Why Do We Hurt Each Other?
I offer you my heart / and you spit in my eye / you try to make me laugh / and I make you cry / Why do we hurt each other? / You make me hit the bottle / I drive you crazy / You say I try too hard / but I think you're lazy / Why do we hurt each other? / Why?
Track Name: Fools
Woman, I can't sleep at night / because I can't stop thinking about you / I have so much love to give / and I want to give it all to you / but I know / fools rush in / and I don't want to lose you / Do you remember / the road-like reflection of the moon on the sea / that one night / we spent together? / I can't hold back my love for you / but I know / fools rush in / and I don't want to lose you
Track Name: Life is a Drag
Life is a drag / come to terms with it / and you will know what it means to be happy / life is a drag / my friend, don't you forget / learn how to laugh when you're stuck in a rut / life is a drag / happiness is what we all want / but we always have to fight for it / life is a drag / I can imagine a perfect world / but I guarantee it's never gonna happen / no, no, no / life is a drag / there is beauty in sadness / all you have to do is open up your mind / life is a drag / we are all doomed to die / and when we do / that may be it