Dead Dream EP

by Strange Ideas

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With the exception of "Fools," all tracks were tracked and mixed by Phil Manley (Life Coach, Trans Am) and Eliot Curtis at El Studio in San Francisco, CA.

"Fools" was tracked and mixed by Eliot Curtis at Tones on Tail Studios in Oakland, CA.

All songs were mastered by Mark Kramer (past clients: Daniel Johnston, Half Japanese, Will Oldham, Half Japanese, etc.).

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released June 6, 2016

Matthew Hable: lead vocals, tenor guitar
Eliot Curtis: bass, background vocals
Fred Jennings: drums, background vocals



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Strange Ideas Monterey, California

"… lo-fi, California-style, indie pop rock deliciousness…" - Oaktown Indie Mayhem

"... primitive lo-fi glazed in folk dissonance that would make Kurt Vile proud... reinvented blues-meets-psych-folk." - Monterey County Weekly

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Track Name: Dead Dream
I've had my share of Hollywood / and I want to leave this place for good / it turns out I don't have what it takes / I let myself down / I let myself down / I want to leave this dream for dead (2x) / I've wasted so much of my time / killing my liver and my mind / and now I feel so fucking numb / I'm disappointed in the person I've become / I want to leave this dream for dead (4x)
Track Name: Empty
Walking down the sad city lane / in the frigid pouring rain / all alone I have no one to call / on my own but walking tall / no control I have nothing to lose / I can choose to die / no I refuse / I will survive another day / I'm never looking back at that alley way / because it's empty / empty / empty / empty / Passing by the dim boulevard / shoot the moon that floats afar / I'm at the bar drunk by myself / and nobody knows that I need help / but look abroad the sun is coming up / stars are fading / my mind is stuck / where I'm at is where I need to be / never in my life have I felt so free / and empty / empty / empty / empty
Track Name: Why
I offer you my heart / and you spit in my eye / you try to make me laugh / and I make you cry / Why do we hurt each other? / You make me hit the bottle / I drive you crazy / You say I try too hard / but I think you're lazy / Why do we hurt each other? / Why?
Track Name: Life
Life is a drag / come to terms with it / and you will know what it means to be happy / life is a drag / my friend, don't you forget / learn how to laugh when you're stuck in a rut / life is a drag / happiness is what we all want / but we always have to fight for it / life is a drag / I can imagine a perfect world / but I guarantee it's never gonna happen / no, no, no / life is a drag / there is beauty in sadness / all you have to do is open up your mind / life is a drag / we are all doomed to die / and when we do / that may be it.
Track Name: Fools
Woman, I can't sleep at night / because I can't stop thinking about you / I have so much love to give / and I want to give it all to you / but I know / fools rush in / and I don't want to lose you / Do you remember / the road-like reflection of the moon on the sea / that one night / we spent together? / I can't hold back my love for you / but I know / fools rush in / and I don't want to lose you